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Most Addicting Games for iPad Users

There have been many games available on the iPad. Some of them are free, but others have some affordable price tags. In this case, it is a good idea to choose only the best iPad games. Hence, you’ll be more inclined to play the same game over and over again while getting the best value for your money. 

ipad gameIf you desire, you can also try accessing the paid game apps for free through TweakDoor before buying them later. This way, you won’t regret finding the game you purchase is not as great as you might think. Another way to get the best games apps is to install only the most addicting games that won’t lose your interest even though you have played them several times. Below are the top three lists of the most addicting games for iPad users.

Angry Birds

There’s a reason it is the most downloaded iPad game. It’s addictive and hard to put down once you dive into the world of evil birds and pigs. The basic idea is that the pigs have taken the birds’ eggs. The birds are angry and are now trying to destroy the pig house they have built with various materials. Each bird has a destructive property. Your job is to direct each bird to the shelters at the right angle using a catapult. This app is incredible and one of many iPad users’ favorite games.

Flight Control

ipad gameAs an air traffic controller, your job is to land as many planes as possible safely. There are four types of planes moving at different speeds, and you have to land them safely on the correct runways. The game gets harder and harder the more planes you have to land at one time. It is one of the favorite games played for a family and has been for many years. It is addictive and one of the young adult’s favorite iPad games.


Mathris is a very addictive and fun game for the iPad. It is an excellent game for kids and anyone who wants to improve their math skills. Each level has a target number. As the numbered balls fall on the screen, your goal is to tap the balls that add up. They disappear Tetris-style when touched. Besides, the target number is constantly changing to keep things interesting. Mathris is a simple and fun game for iPad users who want to exercise their math skills.

There are now thousands of apps in the App Store, including the games apps. Therefore, it is beneficial to know which iPad games are the best. With this selection, you will have a wide range of enjoyable iPad games.