Adobe photoshop editing guide

Basic Guide to Photo Editing With Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an amazingly complex image editing program that allows you to create professional-quality images for large-scale distribution. But what if you want to remove that scratch or put it in a fancy filter? Well, you are in luck. You can learn how to edit some photos in easy ways at There is no magic bullet to enhance a photo, but the more techniques you know, the more skilled you will be in editing. Furthermore, in this article, I would like to highlight some essential tools you can use to improve and repair your digital photos.


Brightness and Contrast

Often in these cases, the brightness/contrast alternative is the best partner. This creates a new window with two small bars and a toggle arrow for each bar. There are also spaces where you can enter a numeric value, but we will play with all the arrows to see how we want to enhance or soften the image for tutorial purposes.

The Brightness pub controls how bright or dark the image is. If used individually, the Brightness option does not necessarily produce the best results. Often the image is blurred when it is too bright and fades when it is too dark. Here the Contrast option comes into play. For example, if you darken an image using the entire brightness bar, it probably darkens everything; if you darken an image using the contrast bar, it probably darkens existing dark areas and lightens soft areas.

Color Balance

Another one could create a window like the Brightness/Contrast window, but three bars have to be set instead of two. You will also notice that color is recorded on each side of the bars, for example, cyan to red and yellow to blue. For example, if you want to put more blue in your image, you will probably drag the arrow of the word Dark, and Photoshop will automatically spread a blue color in your image. Each of the colors can be mixed and matched for better results. To give you an example: if I want to do brown, I have to combine unique amounts of yellow, green, and red.

It is very important to note that in the case of a black and white photo, it is impossible to return the original colors with Photoshop (which is not easy anyway). Still, it will probably give you a feeling of color with the full-color balance tool to make the image even better.

Blur and Sharpen

Continue through the menus at the top of the website and discover the menu called “Filter”. Click on it and then scroll through the list until you find “Delete”. As soon as you move the mouse pointer in this menu, a new list will appear, offering a variety of blur options. If you want to fine-tune your image, start with the “Filter” menu, then scroll down until you find “Publish” and wait for the menu to appear to find the best ones.


Each of these approaches can be used alone or together with others to improve your photos, but they hardly go beyond what Photoshop can do. The program offers a wide range of possibilities.