Know More About VPN Speed

Many people enjoy surfing on the internet using a protected IP address via a virtual private network or known as a VPN. The usage of a VPN can bring everyone to any site, even the blocked one. In this matter, the VPN online security does matter whether you use the open VPN or not. Read more about the security improvement in the review of avis sur Nordlynx de NordVPN.

Besides the online security of VPN, speed is also an important issue. It even can be a vital component to use a VPN service. It is not very pleasant when successfully accessing the blocked site, but the speed is slow to load. It affects a great deal to the experience of using the service. Therefore, this article provides you several components to be evaluated to ensure the VPN’s speed for a better browsing experience below.

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VPN Server Location

Connecting to a closer VPN server means that the speed would be better and strong. It results from how internet traffic’s complexity increases when your proximity and the VPN server are getting further. This far distance will have an impact on the data travel affecting the slower speed of the VPN. Therefore, it is always better to choose the closest VPN in your location. 

VPN Protocol

vpn speedA VPN connection is built in different protocols. It can be SSTP, PPTP, or OpenVPN, and each can affect the VPN speed significantly. Using an OpenVPN over UDP is a perfect choice for a faster connection. This protocol, at least, can be a standard of a good VPN in terms of speed. Suppose you still face some difficulties, consider changing to a different protocol to get a better VPN speed.

VPN Encryption Level

Encryption is another thing to check if you want to know the VPN speed. In most cases, the 128-bit encryption has a faster connection compared to the 256-bit one. However, the lower encryption level affects the security of the data transfers to be vulnerable. Try to manage the speed with the encryption level. In case you do not see any significant improvement in speed with low encryption, it is better to go with the stronger one.

VPN Server Load and Bandwidth

Overloaded servers using a bandwidth that fails to manage the traffic need can result in a slower speed. The VPN service client software often allows you to notice exactly the number of IP addresses and bandwidth hosts. When the number is higher, it means the server is powerful enough. Also, it sometimes shows real-time usage, enabling you to switch to other servers with a few clicks when it gets crowded.

Your Network Setup

Your network setup will be the last thing you have to check for a better VPN speed. Using a router is especially important to connect faster with the outside world rather than WiFi. Hence, check which one can give a robust speed improvement with the VPN service.

Ideally, the speed and reliability of a VPN service might be different from one and another. If you have tried to evaluate all the components mentioned above, you will enjoy your surfing time without any speed issue. Suppose all the checklist tips mentioned still cannot improve the speed, it might be time to change your VPN provider.