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Three Must-Have Multimedia Apps for iPhone Users

The current technology has shown significant improvement from early smartphone version release. In today’s smartphone, people can do almost everything via the handy device with its remarkable apps collection. You can even produce a high-quality video and edit it into an entire movie with your phone. If you do not enjoy doing it in a small screen, you can also get the apps in your personal computer. These fact indicate that entertainment has evolved rapidly, enabling people to be more creative to create wonderful multimedia products and contents.

With such a vast entertainment movement, the iPhone has followed the trends and started to open its exclusive market. The Apple company has now grown better in providing its users with a strong revolution, allowing third-party application stores, such as Panda Helper, to open the gate into other operating system applications. People now can use and download Android and Windows 7 Phone applications, or whatever they want and need to their iPhone. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professionals, business, or even students, you can now manage all your needs with a wonderful choice of multimedia apps. Below are three of the best multimedia applications, ranging from music, videos, to photos that would be useful for your needs and enhance your hobbies.

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If you are a music lover, then Shazam would be a great app for your iPhone. The application enables you to discover the name of a song played on the radio or television, or maybe sung from your voice (at best). It is all possible because the application uses a built-in audio analyzer connected to a huge online database of songs. You can get the song into your iPhone, add to your playlist, put a tag, share it to social media, and talk about it with one application, Shazam. Shazam’s best thing is its feature that able to locate a new song resembled your music taste, and this app does a fantastic job on it.

SlingPlayer Mobile

multimedia appsMovie or series enthusiasts would be beneficial to install SlingPlayer Mobile in their iPhone, especially if they have subscribed to SlingBox, Apple TV, or other products from Sling Media. With SlingPlayer, you can watch any show you wish worldwide from your smartphone using a Wi-Fi or data connection anywhere. When you are at home, you can enjoy stream to Apple TV or Sling Box while lying down in the bed or the family television room. You can also control the DVR and run it for recording to play it whenever or wherever you want.


Not everyone can paint, but it does not have to be so skillful to enjoy the wonderful finger painting application from Brushes on your iPhone. You can have a meditation to draw and paint using any color and brushes, and the results can be amazing to your hands. This application can be very beneficial to sharpen your skill if you are an art student or interested in painting. The brushes app is pretty cheap at $4.99 price tag.