The Best Board Games for Android Users

Before the invention of computers, playing board games was one of the best ways to pass the time. Summer vacations are not complete without a set of Stratego or Pictionary. Today, they have been replaced by video games. People still play traditional board games with their families and friends, especially when they visit their houses. The good thing about the digital age is that many developers have rendered versions of the board games that we play traditionally. Many games are playable on touch screen devices and can support multiplayer. Traditional board games are still irreplaceable in terms of their excitement and fun. The multiplayer option on digital board games allows players to play against online players to challenge their skills.

For Android users, many board games are playable against online players. Below are some of the best board games that are playable on your mobile device or tablet PCs.

Elder Sign: Omens

gameElder Sign: Omens is a tabletop horror-themed game that focuses on the adventures of a group of ghost hunters or intrepid explorers. Omens is a great reproduction of the traditional board game, and it is based on Lovecraft’s horror stories.

You will notice this game’s artwork and layout and how the board game is designed brilliantly. The game’s layout has a game-like feel and looks to it. It is a game that is played with dice, which has the element of chance that dictates the fate of the characters if they die or succeed in the middle of the game. You are allowed to control four characters in the game, match symbols, unlock new quests, and roll the dice and ensure that you are not hit by doom points, which affects a character’s mental/physical health.

Talisman Prologue

This game is a digital, stripped-down adaptation of the fantasy game made by Games Workshop. This game offers an amazing solo player experience and still commits to the usual talisman set rules. There are many locations to explore, and since it is a game based on exploring, there will be a lot of traps, surprises, and monsters to discover.

Arcane Quest: Ultimate Edition

Arcane Quest is an RPG style game with design rules for traditional board games. The ultimate edition allows the player to select a hero from four various characters, with the individual characters having a specific ability. There is an amount of strategy associated with this turn-based game, and it lets you utilize special skills, items, and spells to combat enemies. Players have a set of combat dices and cards to use during battles, with many quests being individually unique.