Warnings to Be Mindful of When Using Torrents

I’m assuming that you have already heard of torrent applications, and these apps are used to download videos, music, games, and other files that are not available on your mobile device. Itransmission is an application that you can use to download your favorite torrents directly to your iPhone or iPad. Different torrent apps are accessible, simple, and easy to use, but for the beginners, the nature of torrent downloads can be intimidating. You might need to be mindful of a few things before downloading torrent apps. Here are they:


Many people tend to use torrent applications to download movies, music, games, files, and everything they like that are available on them, the traffic on these apps is massive. And since torrent applications represent such an enormous portion of total traffic on the World Wide Web, some Internet service providers have “throttled” or slowed down torrent traffic to increase the community’s capacity. It is worth checking your Internet service provider’s terms of service to see if they are throttling traffic on these apps.



Due to torrents’ appearance, many people have turned to utilize torrent hosting sites to upload different files for download from around the world. A lot of these people are uploading malicious content that is consolidated with viruses. All of the users of these torrents application can also download these files along with the virus on their mobile devices. However, this dilemma has reduced in recent years since there is better anti-virus software that you can use now. Using an anti-virus software means that there are lesser chances that you can download corrupt files as before.

Moreover, torrent hosting sites make it possible for downloaders to leave comments and feedbacks about the application. These comments will help you to which torrents can be avoided, but always make sure you have anti-virus software, and monitor it so that it is continuously updated.


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Although downloading and installing torrent applications is not illegal, some torrents include files such as music, videos, and movies, and these torrent files are unlawful. Even though you are using a legal platform when you download these kinds of contents, you can still be sued for copyright. Be sure to follow the law when downloading torrent files. Please do not do anything unless you are a hundred percent sure something is legal because it does not mean that it is permissible when you see it on the site.